Provides information such as ingredients or health warnings.

Stickers for Tradesmen

Holding on to existing customers can be hard when there are many months between call outs. Why not stick a label on what you've been working on, it's a great way of ensuring your customers come back to you.

Audioprint produce a huge range of stickers on various materials and will have no trouble producing a custom label for you. We can also produce stock warning and information stickers.

Jar Stickers

Whether a small cottage industry, or a supermarket brand, our attention to detail and ability to mass produce means we can provide the labels you need. Our jar labels can have three parts to them; a front sticker containing branded design work, a tamper evident section (which attaches to both the jar and lid) and an ingredients label for the back of the jar. It's also useful, particularly to the cottage industry, if the labels remove easily. Our jar labels wash off with no trouble and don't leave any sticky marks. We require a minimum order of 500 stickers.

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